From dawn till dusk


24 hours video installation

Following the first 24-hours fixed shot, in real-time, of Santa Monica | Los Angeles, the 24-hours videos of Copacabana in Brazil and Knokke-le-Zoute in Belgium, created the basis of a series exhibited as a triptych.

The fundamentals of the videos are taken up identically, although the geographical location changes and the emotion is renewed. Thus, in the three videos, the oceanic landscape is divided into horizontal bands - sand, water, sky - in almost reference to Rothko and Sugimoto, the slow variations of daylight and the interlacing of movements, noises and silences, on which the rhythms of human presence are inscribed.

We can observe some major differences between the places: the few discreet users of Santa-Monica or Knokke-le-Zoute, become crowded at certain hours on the sand of Copacabana. In addition, the night vision, granted by the Brazilian street lighting, opens the doors of a transfigured night.

Video stills


Until now the following 24-hour art movies have been produced:

1.  From Dawn Till Dusk I - Pacific Ocean - Santa Monica - California - USA
2.  From Dawn Till Dusk II - Atlantic Ocean - Copacabana - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
3.  From Dawn Till Dusk III - North Sea - Le-Zoute - Knokke Heist - Belgium
4.  From Dawn Till Dusk IV - Indian Ocean - Jumeirah - Dubaï - United Arab Emirates

… more to come soon