Jacques Coulais



Jacques Coulais, a graduate of the Beaux-Arts d'Angoulême, was a French painter from Niort. Quadriplegic since the age of 6, he first painted with his mouth, then used the wheels of his wheelchair that he used to spend beforehand in painting. He thus painted the movement on large square canvases on the ground. In addition to being a great artist, Jacques was above all an incredible person. Beyond his works, he had a remarkable resource: speech. Thanks to it, he was able to touch, convince and transport, express the existence, life and work of an artist.

In December 2010, Marin Raguž had the chance to get to know this incredible person, thanks to Barbara Polla. She asked him to realize a filmed portrait of Jacques Coulais to complete the book "Jacques Coulais Pictor Maximus" Corps & Toiles, texts by Barbara Polla and Paul Ardenne. From the meeting and the interview between the two artists were born a friendship and a video to immortalize the words of Jacques.

Jacques passed away on June 25, 2011 at the age of 56. But we can still look at his works, hear him and learn. Students, artists, workers, dreamers - we can all be enriched by his words and through them find the courage to be "right" with ourselves, our actions, our All.

Video stills


« To exist is to breathe... it's not to be in the fusion, it's to be right, right in your mind, even if there are powerful contradictions... it's musical to exist, there must be a sound somewhere, a sound that is not yet audible... »

DVD in the book « Jacques Coulais Pictor Maximus » Corps & Toiles, texts by Barbara Polla and Paul Ardenne

The film was screened at:
‣  The seminary Rythmes et émotions au cinéma at the University of Geneva
‣  Diverse exhibitions: Barclays Bank, Gallery Kugler, Villa Dutoit, etc.
‣  2013 - 2014  |  Museum Bernard D’Agesci in Niort . France