Little Love
Little Love


A story made in Sarajevo

Saša lives in Sarajevo and is one of the best hairstylists in town. Although he is famous for his fine haircuts, as an openly gay man in Bosnia, he is also the subject of small talks and even hostility. The close mindedness of some Sarajevans makes him feel displaced. But while Saša dreams of emigrating, his best friend Kiki, who left for Norway, would love to come back. This documentary gives us a sensitive portrait of the openly gay Saša, his girlfriends Kiki and Honey-Bunny and their life in this city with it’s very special past. A philosophical as well as entertaining movie with lots of warmth and reflections.

Text: Marin Raguž

Video stills


A Swiss-Norwegian co-production, co-founded by the Midnorsk Filmsenter Norway.
A Marin Raguž and Irena Prskalo Film.

Production: Le Marin Productions Geneva, Switzerland & Irena Prskalo Produksjoner.
Written, directed & filmed by Marin Raguž and Irena Prskalo.
Edited by Marin Raguž, Irena Prskalo & Daniel Jacobsen.

Protagonists: Saša Pavlović & Kristina Soldo

‣  Hendrik van Boetzelaer (Opuswerk – Geneva, Switzerland) – Detroit Chords
‣  Mirza Sisić – Gruv za Irenu
‣  Bazaudio – Springtime Love
‣  Anders Brenno – Don’t Cry


  • Category:  Film
  • Format:  HD  |  16:9  |  Color  |  52’
  • Year:  2013
  • Language:  Bosnian  |  English subtitles
  • Festivals  |  Projections:
    2013  |  Nordic/Docs Documentary Filmfestival in Friedriksstadt, Norway
    2013  |  Cinéma Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature, Paris, France
    2013  |  Gallery Analix Forever - Video Forever Edition 12 - Geneva, Switzerland