Past Present Future Present


John Ellis & Yuki Shiraishi - Dialogue

The famous British theoretical physicist John Richard Ellis receives Swiss artist Yuki Shiraishi in his office in CERN to discuss her project “Past Present Future Present”. John shares his profound knowledge and experience to respond to the core ideas of Yuki who wants to bring her project to life: a large scale sculpture with a special “funnel” shaped construction. One of the main challenges of the construction: transforming the spectator’s reflection into an anamorphic-like maelstrom, leading his visual experience to the threshold of a void and vortex. This short movie reflects in turn a world, where arts and sciences dialogue to open up our perception towards time and existence. And the dialogue continues…

Text: Marin Raguž & Yuki Shiraishi

Video stills


Directed and edited by Marin Raguž
Protagonists: John Richard Ellis and Yuki Shiraishi
Produced by: Le Marin Productions – Film Video Photography & Art

Special thanks to: John Richard Ellis (CERN)

Thanks for the help of:
‣  Michèle Vicat (3 Dots Water)
‣  Michael Hoch (ART@CMS)
‣  Angelos Alexopoulos (ART@CMS)
‣  Andrea Hemstead (Tec4earth)


  • Category:  Film  |  Art
  • Format:  10 min.  |  HD  |  AppleProRes
  • Year:  2015
  • Festival projections:  Athens Art & Science Festival, Greece